In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace, it is crucial for enterprises to be capable of change, in order to remain profitable and up-to-speed. However, change management has always been an issue as it can be difficult for the enterprise to identify the right things to change.

ChangeDriver offers a business process analysis solution that helps the enterprise to visualize the processes as a 3D blue print, in which the enterprise get a top-down view into each activity and its possible impacts on the overall business.

Business process analysis is the activity of reviewing as-is processes and trying to change them to better fit new demands. It makes it easier to better identify bottlenecks, duplications and related risks.

The competent partners in ChangeDriver work closely with the company to assess and define changes and visualize them as to-be processes. This makes it possible to ensure that all gaps are addressed and reduce the risk of eliminating the benefits of as-is processes. You can get more information about ChangeDriver’s competency partners here on the website.


  • Save time and effort in mapping and analyzing as-is processes and designing to-be processes
  • Ability to collect feedback from implementation as inputs for improvements
  • Best practices on change are built up day by day in live repository
  • Foundation for applying many business continuous improvement methodology such as Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma