Enterprise architecture gives a complete overview of the entire company – an overview that’s crucial in order to manage the company in the right direction and ensure that resources are properly allocated and that business processes are aligned with strategic goals. Enterprise architecture describes the business strategy, its vision, missions and milestones as well as the organization and its business processes.

ChangeDriver helps the company to understand the structure of different elements, their interrelationships, and the principles and guidelines which makes it possible to optimize its design and evolution over time.

ChangeDriver has the capacity to describe the data architecture defined as the structure of logical and physical data assets and management resources, the application architecture that provides a blueprint for the individual applications to be deployed, their interactions, and their relationships to the core business processes of the organization.

Last, but not least ChangeDriver can show the technology architecture that describes the logical software and hardware capabilities such as IT infrastructure, networks, communications and standards, etc.


Get pictures on the company today and in the future and its gaps
Analyzes and plans for fulfilling gaps
Aligning of vision and strategic goals with products & services and processes that deliver them
Aligning of IT with business needs and identification of how IT best supports business